Top 10 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

It sure is hard to learn you shouldn’t feed dogs lots of different kinds of people food. After all, kids have been feeding dogs scraps under the table probably ever since dogs came inside the house. But some of the foods that are fine for us can make our dogs really sick. Some can even cause death, so read up and beware.

Here’s our top 10 list of the worst things to feed your dog.

1. Ice Cream, Milk & Any Dairy Products
Yogurt, cottage cheese, whole milk – all great for most humans, right? But like a few humans, dogs are severely lactose intolerant. So small amounts can cause serious intestinal ailments. Don’t let the dog get at the cat’s milk. And even though any dog would love ice cream on a hot day, it’s likely to make them sick for a day or more afterward. The fermented products like cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese may be a little better because fermentation destroys some of the lactose. But it’s still better to be safe for your dog than sorry.

2. Chocolate
Chocolate is well known to be poisonous to dogs. The toxic compound it contains is called theobromine and it causes alarming symptoms and even death. Watch out even for chocolate icing and the chocolate chips in cookies.

3. Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or cocktails)
Too much beer or wine isn’t good for humans and it’s even worse for dogs. Why? Because dogs generally have smaller bodies than us and the alcohol hits them a lot harder. A little alcoholic drink can make a small dog really sick, and fast.

4. Raisins or Grapes
Here’s one you might not guess. Although some fruits and vegetables are OK for dogs, stay away from raisins and grapes. Just a small amount of these foods can attack a dog’s kidneys and make the dog ill. So also watch out for foods like cookies, ice cream and breakfast cereals that may contain raisins.


5. Meat Scraps from the Table
You may not want to eat the fat and bones in your meat, so you cut them out. But resist the temptation to feed them to the dog. The fat can attack the dog’s pancreas. Small bones can splinter and pierce a dog’s esophagus, and crunching even large bones can produce chips large enough for the dog to choke on.

6. Coffee, Tea or Any Caffeine Products
Caffeine is just a toxic poison for dogs. To be avoided at all costs.

7. Peaches or Plums
The problem with these fruits is that dogs don’t know enough to avoid eating the pits. And the pits from these two delicacies contain cyanide which is poisonous to both dogs and humans in small quantities.

8. Raw Fish or Raw Meat
Uncooked meat is a well known source of food poisoning because of contamination with bacteria such as Salmonella or Listeria. In addition to bacteria, raw fish can also be a source of intestinal and other internal parasites, as well as bones that can become stuck in the dog’s throat.

9. Garlic or Onions
Believe it or not, chemicals found in onions and garlic can attack a dog’s red blood cells. The result – anemia! Anemic dogs are weak, listless and more susceptible to disease.

10. Uncooked Eggs
Raw eggs are dangerous for us as well as dogs because of the possibility they can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria like E. coli. These bugs cause intestinal upsets and can weaken your pet. If you want to feed eggs to the dog, cook them well first.

The top 10 are not the only foods you might want to avoid for your dog. To read more on this subject, try one or more of the following references.


[Photo by Duro Sandor, CC License]

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