Seth’s Story


Seth (aka Skeezix)

Seth is a little, caramel colored, mixed breed dog who is just two years old. You can see a lot of Rat Terrier in him and also perhaps just a little Chihuahua.

Seth has just made the long journey north to Canada, all the way from California. He was rescued from his original home and brought to Canada for adoption by the Toronto Humane Society. And now he is out with a caring foster family, with prospects of adoption.

But even though Seth is now in a stable environment, he still has a few problems that he brought with him from his original home. He has picked up a bit of kennel cough from having associated with lots of other rescue dogs somewhere along the way. And at some time in the past he suffered a fracture of the pelvis and the left femur. These fractures didn’t heal well and Seth walks with a noticeable limp in his left hind leg.

When he arrived in Toronto, vets at the humane society assessed his health and put him on a strict course of treatment to bring him back to full health. He takes antibiotics for the kennel cough. To assist with healing the bone fractures he is receiving laser radiation treatment, physical therapy and is on a restricted activity regimen. He also receives two different pain killers and an anti-inflammatory drug to help him through this period of healing.

Seth’s new family is carrying on with all of his treatments during his foster care, and he goes back to see the vets at the humane society regularly for check-ups. His doctors hope the fractures will heal sufficiently to allow him to lead a normal life, but if they don’t, amputation of the left hind leg is recommended as the most humane. Seth is not too worried about this possibility as lots of dogs seem to get along just as well with three legs as four.

Fortunately Seth is extremely loving and agreeable. He enjoys his new home and it doesn’t take much dog food to keep him fit and trim.

[By the way, although the humane society still has him on their books as Seth, his new humans call him Skeezix, aka Skeezy-dog, aka Skeezy-beezy, aka Skeezy for short]

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