Scientific name for dogs

All dogs have the same scientific name – Canis lupus familiaris

This means that the classification of dogs is…
Genus: Canis – all dog-like creatures
Species: lupus – the Gray or Northern or Timber Wolf
Subspecies: familiaris – meaning familiar or common

So how about that. All of our pet, service and working dogs are so closely related to Timber Wolves, they are just a subspecies.

[Photo by Katerina Hlavata, CC License]

Service dogs assist humans in a wide variety of ways:

  • to guide and assist blind people with orientation,
  • to alert deaf people to sounds,guideDog-ChrisLeahstar-CC
  • assist people with mobility disabilities to pull their wheelchairs or retrieve items,
  • warn people of an imminent seizure or low blood sugar,
  • remind people with psychiatric disabilities to take medication, assist veterans with new complicated mental and cognitive disabilities with activities of daily living as they reenter civilian life.

[Photo by Chris Leahstar, CC License]