Here’s a list of our “Dog On The Street Says…” features.

Yes, having a good looking human walking alongside just makes a dog feel special. All’s right with the world when the dog on the street’s steppin’ out with his human. – See the picture HERE==>

You might be surprised, but this dog on the street seems seriously interested in fashion. – See the picture HERE==>

Like most any dog on the street, this one would rather spend some quality time on the grass. – See the picture HERE==>

Nothing the dog on the street likes more than heading for the woods. Who knows what delights await her? – See the picture HERE==>

This dog on the street is now on the grass and free of his leash. So what’s the first thing on his mind? – See the picture HERE==>

Clearly, this dog on the street has hotdogs on the brain. – See the picture HERE==>

Not everyone loves these incredible sunny summer days. Every once in a while you’ll find a dog on the street that prefers walking and dodging just to stay in the shade. – See the picture HERE==>

When you’re a “dog on the street,” you’ll want to use any vertical structure that’s handy. – See the picture HERE==>

The “dog on the street” doesn’t always want to do what you say. So he or she may grumble a bit while obeying the command – See the picture HERE==>

Sometimes one dog-on-the-street (#dots) helps another. Might be better, though, to have a little more sympathy for the recipient – See the picture HERE==>

During these hot summer days, priorities can change for the dog-on-the-street (#dots) – See the picture HERE==>

When it’s hot out, what dog can resist jumping into the nearest pond to cool off? Sometimes the dog in the street just has to splash – See the picture HERE==>

Does your dog have his favorite color, like this one in ‘What the dog on the street says…’ – See the picture HERE==>

Dogs – no matter how much they love us, they also have a mind of their own. The little guy in this photo has his/her own opinion in ‘What the dog on the street says…’ – See the picture HERE==>

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? According to this dog in the street, maybe you’d be less than thrilled…  – See it HERE==>

This little guy was fine on the sidewalk. But when it came to crossing at the intersection, doggie wanted to play it safe – See it HERE==>

Just guard the stroller – See it HERE==>

Is it a good thing to be afraid of cars? This dog doesn’t care what you think. – See it HERE==>

If only dogs could talk, maybe we’d find out more about their problems. The dog in this picture has a problem with short legs that you might never have guessed – See it HERE==>