World’s best office dog crownedstartpupWinner

A French Bulldog has just been awarded the title of Startpup winner.


Training shelter dogs for serviceshelterDogsForService

Often times, dogs are bred specially to be trained for service in assisting a human with physical or medical challenges. But there are plenty of dogs in shelters who will lose their lives unless adopted.


A mosquito bite can give dogs heartwormheartworm

Heart worms are internal parasites that can make your dog ill. But there are things you can do to protect your pet, and the condition can be cured. Find out if your pet is infected by having a blood test done.


If/when Britain leaves the Common Market, what will happen to dogs?

[3-Jul-2016] Many economists believe that England and Scotland will go into an economic depression, never strayDog-Andrey-CCgood news for dogs. Dog owners will probably have a tougher time buying the necessities, like dog food and veterinary care.

A recent article from examines some of the issues:

Due to the very recent nature of Britain’s last recession, all too sadly, there is readily available data on how that economic downturn affected Britain’s animal welfare system. The 2008 banking triggered recession lead to figures suggesting up to 20 dogs per day lost their lives as a direct result of that particular economic downturn and as many as 345 dogs each day were abandoned.